Not Rocky Linux 9 but Rocky Linux 8.6 to test

From France:
I am a Linux veteran (RedHat 6) and I have always been loyal to community developments. Rocky Linux 9 is a real disaster to install. Having reached the end of what can be expected from a CentOS 8.x (i.e. nothing more), I wanted to privilege the community sphere. The version 9 doesn’t work, not even detecting the Base AppSream repository via the iso on my M.2 NVMe SSD mounted with Ventoy. The Checksum is n’t good. For that, I had to download version 8.6 and there everything is working and the installation is perfectly fine even with a manual partitioning ! You must have noticed that AlmaLinux is perfectly functional even in version 9.
It’s really useless to develop quickly a distribution (like the neighbor AlmaLinux very reactive and with a community essence less marked than yours) and that it is not even testable !!!
I wonder if I will not switch to AlmaLinux even if it is sponsored once a year but remains community in its decisions.
To make community versions requires even more requirement and rigor since one touches the very soul of Linux, it seems to me.
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Good thinking

Would be good to actually explain your hardware underneath. No one else seems to have problems like you. To claim that the Rocky 9 doesn’t work is a bit much especially since the majority of other people don’t have issues - which means it’s something unique to you. I myself have used 8 and 9 without issues, including on a Raspberry PI.

Instead of making your baseless attacks which are unhelpful, why not actually provide useful information?