Some elrepo kmod packages will no longer be available for RHEL 8.10 and 9.4

For details, please read this announcement;

In essence,

Because of the way Red Hat have implemented changes in the 8.10 and 9.4 releases, the ELRepo Project will no longer be able to re-enable device IDs in our kmod packages for devices that have been disabled in the RHEL kernel.

Affected kmod packages are:


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Is the weak-modules script still usable? We build here local kmods based on some spec files from elrepo and wonder about the upcoming release?!

Look at the file attached in 0001440: Build kmods for RHEL 8.10 - ELRepo Bugs .

If your device is listed under “rh_deprecated_pci_devices”, you are out of luck. Those drivers will not load unless you modify the kernel source code.

[Edit] Not deprecated but disabled. That is, “rh_disabled_pci_devices”.

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The good thing is, kernel-ml or kernel-lt can be used which work as mentioned in your link which is a quick and simple fix. I guess the RHEL commit could be reverted to re-enable what was disabled (which seems to have been done elsewhere) or make a Rocky equivalent kernel in addition to the default RH patched kernel as a choice for those who do want those modules. Something for the team to think about and see what options people would like to see as a viable option.


Indeed, I know Rocky builds mainline and lts kernels. Neil, are you planning to provide them sometime soon?

If “everybody” except RH works around the issue, then RHEL becomes the only distro where disabled means disabled?

If my device is listed as unmaintained rather than disabled, but uses the same elrepo kmod package as something that is listed as disabled, will it still work or not ? (The package in question is kmod-megaraid_sas and device id 1000:0073)


Peter Georg (maintainer of the CentOS kmods SIG) pointed out that the changes made in RHEL 9.4 would only apply to in-kernel modules. Therefore external kernel modules provided by kmods are not affected.

The original posting was updated yesterday (5/1/2024) to include a remark that only in-kernel modules are affected. I understand it so that ELrepo-builds for separate kmods might still be possible/available.

That’s what it looks like yes, they should still work.

All kmod packages have been rebuilt for EL 9.4 and are currently available from the elrepo-testing repository.