Upgrade the kernel from 4.18 to 6.9

Kernel upgrade on Rocky 8 reports a signature issue.


You will need to disable secure boot or read this page.

Sounds like “read this page” is the correct solution.

elrepo’s kernels are not SB-aware. You need to disable SB to install them.

The page says

In order to use ELRepo’s kernel modules (kmod packages) on a system with Secure Boot enabled, system administrators must import the ELRepo Secure Boot public key

So I don’t understand.

That is “kernel modules” (for RHEL kernels).
The kernel by ELRepo is a different thing.

After using mokutil --import /etc/pki/elrepo/SECURE-BOOT-KEY-elrepo.org.der to sign, the invalid kernel signature issue still persists.

You will need to disable secure boot, then. A maintainer in a previous reply in this thread has stated the kernels are not secure boot aware.