Atheros support

After installation of rocky8.4 on an e520 machines it seems that my atheros AR5BX is not supported.
I found it with lspci command but the ath5k module is not present.
It is not an USB dongle but an internal card.
I have to compile a new kernel or use modprobe ?
rfkill list return
0: acer-wireless: Wireless LAN
soft blocked no
hard blocked no
Any idea ?

From googling, ath5k was deprecated in RHEL7 because they were really old. So I don’t think it will be available in any 8.x version. No kmod-ath5k exists anyway in the repos, as previously such was available in epel. There is ath9k as a module, since I modprobed it. But I expect that won’t work for your card if ath9k doesn’t support that.

Thanks for this answer.
I will try some actions and let you know if something works.

Might be ELrepo and not epel:

You could always attempt installing that and see if it works?

ELRepo | HomePage instructions on how to add the repo

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The current version that works in el8.4 is here:

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My Wifi adapter is not working with this rpm but thanks for the answer.

Thanks a lot toracat it works like a charm.

Yep the info lower in my post had a link with instructions on how to add elrepo would mean you could do dnf install kmod-ath5k and it would have installed the 8.4 version I expect. But glad its working anyway.