Software design for RHEL 9.1 can't be installed to Rocky 9.1

I need to use the hardware driver and software which only support RHEL 9.1,

so when I try to install it to Rocky Linux9.1, the software warning as

So how can I install the software to Rocky Linux 9.1?

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Please try at least to provide information as much as possible, I you want that others spend time on your needs? For example; which software are you installing and how?

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Sounds to me the software you are trying to install doesn’t support Rocky Linux. Ask the people who provide the software to support Rocky Linux. Since the installation problem is with their application.

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The software is an industrial software, I have contact the provider help me solve it, but the provider may not have enough motivation to support us. So I want to use some methods to cheat the software the OS is redhat, the intall it. The software is industrial software, The software description is

software download link

The website said they provide the download link through email, but I tried before,the download link in email is invalid. Sorry for that, the software is more than 4GiB, I can’t uploaded, if you also can’t get the valid download link, maybe need try on my local server follow your advices.

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Sorry for not add information about the software, the software is industrial software, the description is website is,

The download in the website maybe invalid, and size is over 4GiB, can’t be unloaded.

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It seems quite common that applications determine the platform they are on, possibly by testing presence/value of some environment variables and/or files, like /etc/os-release. The test could be hard-coded in binaries, or a script. Practically, either found “word” is in the list of known words, or not.

Obviously a provider of application is not willing to offer support for more than to tiny selection of platforms. That is understandable from resource-allocation viewpoint, but does not take into
consideration that platforms could be practically identical, as they are in RHEL vs Rocky case.

One might be able to cheat the test to believe that it sees a RHEL system. Depends on the test.

Overall, both RHEL 9.1 and Rocky 9.1 are dead. Completely unsupported. Red Hat does sell extended support for some RHEL point updates, but 9.1 was never one of them. In other words, it has been a very poor choice for a company to select 9.1 as what they support, because they had customers only for six months.

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