ROCKY 9 KDE image has unsupported KDE?

I have been testing the Alternative image Rocky-9.0-KDE-x86_64-20220806.0.iso

Installed really smooth, and everything was running nice. Then I discovered that the default file manager “Dolphin” was not able to write to SMB shares. Contacted KDE/Dolphin people, and they advised:
“21.08.3 has not been supported for almost a year. Please complain to your distribution.”

After I asked if there might be a simple fix like ‘uninstall then reinstall from another repo’ they replied:
“You’ll have to talk to your distribution, your entire software stack is out of support.”

Since yesterday the supplied KDE “Discover” app for installing software is crashing mercilessly, every time it finds an update for something ( and now just terminates every time I try to open it). Is there a newer “KDE” iso in the works??

Is there any good way to repair this installation or should I just nuke it and start over fresh?? (maybe try the XFCE?). I really liked the KDE desktop, but if its not ready for prime time, then open to something different…

KDE is maintained by EPEL. The Rocky KDE iso is based on the EPEL release’s KDE version, etc. They would be the ones who would have to address it and get it fixed/updated.

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Hmmm, my repolist includes Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 9 - x86_64, but maybe the epel repo for RL 8.7 is more up-to-date? I was hoping to run RL9 on desktops here ( I already use it for my remote webserver in Kansas City) but RL8 would be OK ( assuming it’s more mature for desktop…)

I doubt KDE is newer for Rocky 8 than it is for Rocky 9.

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OK, then who should I escalate this information to - so someone can look at making the published KDE desktop iso(s) fully functional?

Until EPEL get KDE ready, we cannot update Rocky KDE ISO’s for 8.7.

Until EPEL provide Dolphin of a later version, it cannot be updated in Rocky KDE ISO’s.

Rocky ISO’s are reliant on EPEL. So if you want newer KDE newer Dolphin, ask EPEL if they can provide it?

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