Do we have the same rhel9-abi-compatibility link or information on Rocky9

We need this information on RockyLinux 9

I din’t see in rocky-website. Do we have this abi-compatibility confirmation or link .
Can any one point me to the the link

It’s the same. Rocky Linux is a 1:1, bug-for-bug rebuild of RHEL.

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Yes correct . Here we need ABI compatibility link or wiki .This is we need to showcase for our higher management for OS Migration , they are expecting the official documentation/link from Rocky

The document you’ve linked describes compatibility levels that RHEL adheres to between versions.

As Rocky Linux, we have no choice regarding compatibility levels between versions. Any document we put out along these lines would be pointless, as we don’t actually control compatibility levels between versions, RHEL does.

The document you’ve linked is still applicable and can be used as if it was Rocky Linux documentation. If your higher management needs this to come from an “official Rocky Linux source”, perhaps a link to this answer is sufficient.


Totally agree with what @brian says. Rocky is exactly the same as RHEL as already mentioned, so what RHEL publish in relation to compatibility, the same applies to Rocky because it’s identical other than name changes, logos. The same for hardware specs, minimum requirements, it’s all the same, including EOL.

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