Rocky Linux and Zimbra

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I have always loved CentOS and with the coming of Rocky Linux I am glad It’s a continuation of something I love. My question is can Zimbra mail server run on this OS at the moment? I do some consultancy work and have clients who are running Zimbra mail server on CentOS 7. Is there a migration tool for CentOS 7 to Rocky? Thanks in advance


I guess would depend on which version you are talking about. Synacor don’t package now the open-source one that free users were using, the last packages they release were Zimbra 8.8.15 OSE. From my experience, attempting to run it on a system that isn’t what the package expects would require an override flag being used during installation, even upgrade as well. And I did attempt this for Debian once but it failed.

The same would apply for the Zimbra Network Edition 9.0.0. Since their packages are made for RHEL/CentOS/Oracle Linux/Ubuntu.

Zimbra 9.0.0 can be packaged yourself, I created some scripts to simplify this, but I only attempted to build RPM/DEB’s on supported platforms.

In reality, this is a Zimbra problem, since they would need to support additional distros. I’ve used Zimbra since 5.x and they used to support Debian and then dropped it. Which meant I had to migrate my installation to one of their supported ones.

iwalker, thank you so much for your response. I guess later on maybe Zimbra will make their system installable on Rocky Linux since it’s new.

I’d suggest your best course of action would be to continue using CentOS 7 as it got another three years before EOL.

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Yes, I will continue that. Thank you.

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@bennhana if you want to check/test I built Rocky 8 for Zimbra:

It will be nice to have Zimbra run on Rocky Linux. I guess there will be a way to migrate from CentOS 7 to Rocky. I have several clients running Zimbra on CentOS 7.

Years ago, I had Zimbra on Debian, then they dropped support for it. I was able to get my existing installation working on Ubuntu instead. It’s a bit of work doing that kind of, but not too bad and relatively straightforward - certainly much easier than when I moved from Zimbra 32 bit to Zimbra 64 bit. I doubt very much there will be a path to migrate CentOS 7 to Rocky 8 - it didn’t even exist for CentOS (or at least if there was it was rather unstable/unsupported).