Zimbra rocky linux

I’m new to Rocky Linux and i’d love to have zimbra installed on it to manage my mail server. Can somebody help me out with the procedure and the best way of configuring it?


You would be best asking on the Zimbra forums for how to install/configure Zimbra. It’s pretty much the same irrespective of whether you use RHEL, Rocky, Ubuntu underneath. They will be able to help you far much more since it is their product.

Hello @franklonero

this is the system requirement for zimbra


and this the installation guide for single server


and this for multiserver


and this is there forum in case if you need some help


hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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hello !
thank you so much for your post it helped a lot. I was having problems installing it on rocky and thought it was not supported.
Have a nice day too!

you very welcome @franklonero and glad to help and thanks a lot :slight_smile: