Rocky 8.4 minimum is different to Centos 8.1.1 minimum

I’m trying to run Zimbra 8.8.15 on Rocky. So far I’ve been unsuccessful. I got stuck on miss packages during the installation. Out of frustration, I decided to try it on the Centos 8.1. It’s smooth sailing. The Zimbra server got installed on the CentOS with no problem. Why? I reinstall the Rocky with server option. Same thing…missing package. I want to run Zombra on Rocky for a longer term support. I don’t want to run Zimbra on the disappearing Centos 8.

What’s the different between Centos 8 and Rocky 8 minimum spin?

Its more likely because Zimbra checks if it is centos or rocky. I use Zimbra as well but on Ubuntu and tried building on Rocky. The extra packages that come from the Zimbra repos dont install. Zimbra would have to fix it to support Rocky.

I have built Zimbra 9 on RHEL/Ubuntu/Debian without problems, and have built it also under Rocky and tried installing using the override function (because it’s Rocky and not RHEL like it expects), and you get the question do you want to use the Zimbra repos or not. If you say yes it won’t install because the packages aren’t there for Rocky. And if you say no, they don’t exist in the build anyway. Seems weird to put a question for using the repositories, when in fact you really are forced to use them.

Zimbra 8 goes eol anyway in about a year since they will no longer provide fixes. Zimbra 9 is only possible to build yourself now, since Zimbra no longer build the community edition. But even so, you still need to rely on their repositories, and if they decide to pull support for something, then we’re generally stuck. I am moving away from it now, after being a Zimbra user since 5.x. I haven’t really found any decent alternatives. Kolab is OK, but for multi-domain support it’s a bit of extra work. It doesn’t work as well as it does with Zimbra which is a shame. But the upside, you don’t need a minimum of 8gb of ram. You can run Kolab on 2GB of ram. The Kolab roundcube interface is really nice though.

Note that there was never CentOS 8.1.1 and 8.1 has no support.
CentOS 8.4 differs from CentOS 8.1.
Fair test would be to compare CentOS Linux 8.4 and Rocky 8.4.

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I’m going to reinstall centos 8.4 and do a migration to rocky 8.4. Let see if this path can get Zimbra 8.8.15 installed.

iwalker was correct…Zimbra can’t be installed on Rocky. The Zimbra repos is not compatible with Rocky OS. That said, migrating to Rocky after the installation from Centos 8 seems to work. I haven’t created any domain or user account on this Rocky-Zimbra yet. The admin console is working just fine. All the services are running. I guess I can’t do any Zimbra update on the Rocky-Zimbra in the future and the chance the Rocky OS updates might break the Zimbra server also. That’s something I have to find out later.

Sorry that this is happening to you. This is likely a request that should go to Zimbra to support Rocky. If they start to support it, it’ll be easier to install and update in the future. I’m not sure what they’re checking or what they do, so it’s up to them. If they need to work with the Rocky Linux project, they can reach us at our mattermost to make it a collaborative effort if required.

In case anyone is interested, a PR was submitted by someone to the zm-build repo of Zimbra for Rocky support. I have my own set of scripts of which I prepared that assist in making the build process much easier, and have subsequently built a version of Zimbra 9.x that works on Rocky Linux. This is because my build scripts are patching the code with the PR that is waiting to be accepted. Once Zimbra accept the PR, then I won’t need to do that anymore in my build scripts.

My Zimbra build scripts can be found here if you want to build yourself: GitHub - ianw1974/zimbra-build-scripts: Zimbra Build Helper Script - makes it easier to build Zimbra

If you want to just download and install Zimbra on Rocky, you can get it from here: GitHub - ianw1974/zimbra-builds: Zimbra Builds created from my Zimbra Build Helper script

Thanks, I’ll download the script and try.

There is a build there also, already done, but the script should do everything you need to build for you. Can take about 1 hour to build, depending on amount of cpu and ram. The build I uploaded I tested and works fine.

Understood…I’m going to try it on a new vm. thanks,