Rocky Linux 9.4 Xfce Desktop no software manager?

I was asked to setup a Rocky Linux Desktop PC. I decided to download XFCE, but it seems that this does not even have a softwaremanager?
But I’ve seen other distributions like Mint Xfce with a softwaremanager.
I there a way to add such a thing?

What is a “software maanger”?

Good evening.

I have never used XFCE, but if you have no preference, the Plasma flavor for rockylinux comes with Discover.

Discover will gather software from the rockylinux repositories and also from flatpak if you have it installed and/or enabled making it simple for installing and updating software from a GUI.

Also, feel free to check out and look for the channel called Sig Desktop Gaming. Which is for all desktop related and gaming on rockylinux related questions. Perhaps someone there with xfce can help you out!

Hope it helps!

It is possible to install gnome-software under XFCE

Sure, it’s possible to install. It will pull in some Gnome dependencies, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I have some KDE packages installed when I use Gnome/Cinnamon that pull in KDE dependencies, so it’s not really any different.