Minimal install - openbox window manager - workstation setup

Hey Guys,

I’m new here and moving over from centos7 - xfce has been the desktop environment up until now.

As I’m changing OS I’d like to explore something I’ve had in mind for a long time. Zero desktop env… but go minimal with a windows manager only setup, and build on top of that.

I’d like to start from a minimal installation but use a window manager - open box I think unless anyone knows of any better stacking managers?

I’m noticing I cant find “obmenu” and “obconf” when searching the dnf repo?

I’m not sure if its related or not but when I use the right click menu i get an error 'Invalid output from pipe_menu /usr/libexec/openbox-xdg-menu applications" this happens for all of the menu’s in the openbox menu.

It would also be great if anyone has a good guide or list of essential dependencies to get this working?

I’m also going to need a compositor apparently, so great if anyone could advise on this?

This setup is primarily going to be used as a custom vfx workstation with just a handful of well picked applications. Looking at very minimal, not many distractions etc.

I would eventually like to automate the whole deployment with python. less packages less stuff will just make maintenance much easier.

For display manager sddm looks cool, in an ideal world I wouldn’t use a display manager but cant think of another way… startx would require logging in then running then logging into the gui again. Any advice here would be really apreaciated aswell.

As id like to automate the deployment. Does rocky have an equivalent to Kickstarter files?

If you can’t find obmenu and obconf, you may be able to request for them in the EPEL repository. Alternatively, for obmenu you can try out something like dmenu.

As Rocky Linux is related to RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora, you can freely create and use kickstart files for your installations.