KDE installation in Rocky 8

I’ve been on rocky 8 with mate de for over a year. Non I need to install kde. I’m using light dm, is there any attention I need to have before installing new packages? Is the procedure always the same as I find online? I had read about some problems with updates on a kde install some month ago, but if I understand correctly they have been resolved. thanks everyone for the help.

No one can help me? Thanks

Ill try and help, although ive not installed KDE on rocky, i do use it with fedora.
you may know a fews years back Redhat said it would no longer support KDE, so you wont get it from the default repos.
instead as with almost every package on Rhel based distributions EPEL is your number 1 extra repo, remi is your number 2 repo.
Assuming you know how to add repos, check if the KDE stuff its available, with
dnf list|grep -E “kde|plasma”
and assuming it is “dnf install plasma-desktop”.
im not sure if that is the primary hook, but dependencies should pull the rest in then add any extras you might need.
you dont have to use sddm, you can choose any display manager you want but the one you choose will need to be started via systemctl.
regards peter

dnf groupinstall 'KDE Plasma Workspaces' will install KDE. It will try to bring in sddm. You can ensure you can still use lightdm.

systemctl disable sddm.service
systemctl enable lightdm.service

yes lightdm is the one I use, i find sddm way to buggy, even on fedora 38.
and soon sddm will enable wayland as a display manager by default, so if your on an unsupported nvidia card that will break your ability to login.
the fix for that should it impact you is
dnf swap sddm-wayland-plasma sddm-x11
regards peter

I wouldn’t be using any Fedora as a benchmark for anything as far as bugs/reliabilty goes - RHEL/Clones and Fedora are two completely different animals in that dept. I’ve had no issues with sddm - which I use with kde. Note kde won’t work on Rocky 8.6 you’re good up to 8.5 and from 8.7 on.

I’ve had to select X11 over wayland during setup - wasn’t a problem.

You’ll have to look for them but there are several threads on this forum with step by step instructions for installing kde.