Missing KDE applications

I have just installed Rocky Linux 9.2 using KDE live media iso. However, I am missing Krusader file manager, which seems not to be included, even though this is the default file manager in KDE. Smb4k wasn’t found on any repo as well.

Am I missing something during the installation? Are there any additional repos needed to be enabled to have such applications available for install?

Thank you in advance for any help!

I don’t believe Krusader has ever been the default file manager in KDE? It was Konqueror as far back as I can remember, and is currently Dolphin.

Looks like it’s in EPEL 8 but not 9: krusader - Fedora Packages. It appears it was on Flathub before but no longer is. :thinkeyes:

Smb4k seems to only be available in Fedora 37 and up, so it’s too new to be in EL 9 (EL 9 was based on Fedora 34). It doesn’t appear to be in EPEL 9 yet either, but it’s possible it wouldn’t be hard to build for it.

I have a COPR of it, though apparently it doesn’t install. I haven’t tested it, yet.


Happy to help get it into EPEL–that was the plan. Someone on Mattermost was also interested in Krusader

Thank you for your answers. I think I’ll switch to another file manager for the moment. And I can live without smb4k as well, it was more of a nice-to-have for me.

for what it’s worth, that krusader copr of mine works just fine on Rocky, and I’m working to get it added to EPEL, for long term maintenance


Indeed. I have just installed, tried out and it’s working fine.

Thank you again!

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