Missing packages in KDE


I’m running Rocky Linux (8 and 9) with KDE from EPEL on all my desktop clients.

I’m currently fine-tuning my Ansible-playbooks to install these, and I noticed something weird.

When you list all the packages needed for a basic KDE desktop, you run the following command:

# dnf group info "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"

This spews out all the packages needed for a reasonably functional KDE desktop. Except under Rocky Linux 9 some of the packages are nowhere to be found in any repository:

  • abrt-desktop
  • dnfdragora
  • k3b-extras-freeworld
  • kio-gdrive
  • NetworkManager-config-connectivity-fedora
  • pinentry-qt
  • plasma-nm-vpnc

I’m puzzled.

On a side note, KDE for Rocky Linux 8 works perfectly. No missing packages.

It would suggest that EPEL haven’t packaged them for some reason. You can ask them to package for EPEL9 if required.

  • abrt-desktop → Not in EL9 in any capacity.
  • dnfdragora → Request it to be available for EPEL.
  • k3b-extras-freeworld → This isn’t in Fedora nor EPEL. It’s also not part of Fedora.
  • kio-gdrive → Request it to be available for EPEL.
  • NetworkManager-config-connectivity-fedora → Not sure what you’re expecting with this one.
  • pinentry-qt → Request it to be available for EPEL.
  • plasma-nm-vpnc → Request that it be enabled in the plasma-nm package in EPEL. See here.

Thanks for the clarification.

I don’t have a particular need for these packages. What puzzles me here is that they are listed explicitly in dnf group info "KDE (K Desktop Environment)" even if they don’t exist anywhere in the repositories.

Probably someone from EPEL included them but didn’t build them. Bug for EPEL to fix or remove.