KDE Plasma 6 QT6, still waiting

Any news on KDE 6.1?

You would have to ask the EPEL maintainers since KDE is in their repositories and not managed by the Rocky Team.

Sorry for being ignorant, how does that work? EPEL maintainers for Rocky or RedHat…

EPEL maintains it’s packages in it’s own repositories - so KDE. Rocky team do not maintain them. Therefore, no Rocky support for packages maintained by other people.

EPEL is a repository for EL-based distributions, so RHEL, Alma, Rocky, etc. So why would Rocky and the team be responsible for something that they have no control over and are not involved in managing or maintaining?

That is why you need to ask EPEL. Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) :: Fedora Docs

So I must have been using that repository when I installed KDE 5? Sorry, I still have a seen through a fog view of how things work in regard to these issues.

Yep, Red Hat don’t package KDE in RHEL, and therefore Rocky doesn’t have it either by default. It’s only available because EPEL maintainers made it available and thus people can use it.

The official desktop in RHEL or Rocky is Gnome. I for example use Cinnamon Desktop with Rocky, but that comes from a COPR repository. So also similar to how KDE in EPEL works.