Repo support for older libraries

I installed a package that depends on an older version of hwloc-libs which provides This could not be found in the Rocky repository but it is available in the RedHat repo. Does Rocky maintain repo compatibility with RHEL ? The right answer is to upgrade the package to support but that’s not something I can control

Sorry that you’re running into this issue. Red Hat typically keeps everything in the CDN, even if it’s outdated or no longer provided by the distribution (for example there are packages that are part of 8.0 that may be pulled from 8.1 and no longer available by default). We typically do not do this ourselves and we tend to stick with what’s the latest during a point release. Note that the older versions, if we built them, can be obtained at our koji. Older releases (such as 8.3) might have what you’re looking for, but they’re unsupported.

This makes a lot of sense to focus on the latest release. Thanks very much for the reference to the koji. I see the rpm I need there. Naturally, I could have just found that elsewhere but I was curious to know about Rocky policy

Your best bet is to go to the people that built the package you installed and ask them to rebuild it against the newer libs.

I find it strange that Red Hat decided to rebase a library package like that. As an enterprise distro I wouldn’t have expected them to do that, it ends up breaking installs like yours.

On the flip side, it should be possible to build a parallel-installible -compat package which would contain the older version of the library.

The package has been rebuilt to use the latest version of the library so that should solve the problem.

Thanks for the prompt and helpful responses. The support is better than paid support :slight_smile:

RHEL 8.4 release notes: hwloc rebased to version 2.2.0 8.4 Release Notes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Red Hat Customer Portal

Red Hat does rebase some content occasionally. They must have assumed that only packages in RHEL (which are rebuilt) depend on libhwloc; it is not a core lib, like glibc, and thus “free” to rebase.

CentOS Stream 8 (and RHEL 8.5 beta) have compat-hwloc1, which provides /usr/lib64/ Date: 2021-07-21

Someone must have noticed that the assumption is false and there is need for compat package.

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Please see: 1979150 – hwloc 2.2.0 rebase requires hwloc 1.11 compat package for old binaries - This package should come in for 8.5.

And if anyone needs it in the meantime, while I’m generally not a huge fan of cherry picking, grabbing the package from Stream will probably get you running again in the meantime (but warning, would be unsupported and might kill your cat or roast your dog).

Perhaps grab the SRPM from Stream and rebuild?

The CentOS Stream binary rpm will likely install and run just fine in Rocky Linux without the need to rebuild it. Again, no guarantee, though.

I don’t want to kill my cat. How else am it going to quickly see my text files!