Bind 9.18 availability


I am currently running Rocky Linux 9.3 with bind 9.16.23 as a DNS server. I would like to know if Rocky will release bind 9.18 to its repositories since bind 9.16 is going to EOL in 2024 Q1.

Thank you in advance

Not likely. Rocky is based on RHEL and RHEL has 9.16. RHEL backports security fixes if required from newer versions, so it shouldn’t be a problem or security risk. That said, if RHEL does decide to release 9.18 for RHEL9, then Rocky will also see it.

You will most likely only see Bind 9.18 in EL 10 releases.

Red Hat explains backports in What is backporting and how does it affect Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)? - Red Hat Customer Portal
A version x.y.-z is thus not necessarily identical to upstream x.y, but is based on that x.y and probably contains at least z backports. Backports can include both security fixes and features.

For more “devastating” example, we can look at RHEL 7.
Its kernel is based on 3.10 and its python on 2.7.
Both upstream kernel 3.10 and python 2.7 are definitely EOL and have been so for years now.
However, Red Hat has commitment to maintain the versions in RHEL 7 all the way to EOL of RHEL 7.

In other words, the packages in Rocky Linux are not EOL, because they are in corresponding RHEL too and Red Hat keeps the RHEL content alive.

This could be a request for SIG/FastTrack. If 9.18 comes from upstream, then sure it will come to Rocky Linux.

BIND 9.18 Stable Version Packages (for el7, el8, & el9)

This Copr contains the core BIND 9 DNS server and all the required dependencies for the popular DNSTAP logging feature. These packages are provided by the BIND developer, not the operating system, and is intended to provide an up-to-date version of BIND. It is not suitable for use if you are relying on operating system-specific features, such as, for example FreeIPA.

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