Poll: which SBC should Rocky's SIG Alt/Arch support?

Rocky’s Alt/Arch SIG supports the 64bit Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer. IF!!! Rocky’s Alt/Arch was to ‘support’ additional SBC’s, which of the following would you prefer?

  • (armhfp/armv7) 32bit Raspberry Pi
  • (ARM) ODROID-N2+
  • (ARM) PINE A64-LTS
  • (ARM) ROCKPro64
  • (ARM) BananaPi BPI-M2S
  • (ARM) Tinker Board S R2.0
  • (ARM) Radxa ROCK 5 Model B
  • (RISC-V) VisionFive 2
  • (RISC-V) Quartz64
  • (RISC-V) MangoPi MQ
  • (X86_64) PC Engines APU6b4
  • Other ARM (Please comment in thread)
  • Other RISC-V (Please comment in thread)
  • Other Architecture (Please comment in thread)

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[Edit: Sorry. I goofed when adding Quartz64 - it should be ARM but I can’t edit the poll without losing the current votes… so my mistake will live on for all to see. :sweat_smile: ]

Already have the PI400, Pi4, RockPro64 "Rocky works on those, we just need to mainline it :slight_smile: " and APU6B4 on it’s way already :wink:

@Sherif While the “hope” is to have Rocky run on many boards, the “goal” of this poll is to identify several boards where we have both SIG/AltArch engineers and Testing Team members which have access/own the boards that we can better test, verify, and assist in issues within the community. We have too few with access to many of these SBC’s and some of the SBC’s we only have one or two who have them. Getting all of them for both SIG/AltArch and Testing members is too much work/cost at the moment but if we can identify a handful of them and grow as the community desires then that’s a more reasonable goal.

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I think having an armv7hl rebuild could be nice for older toy devices.
As Fedora 36 is the latest to support armv7hl, there is a need for a ground for theses devices.

I may (as time permit) likely help with Tegra ones…


I recently had a commercial project that I originally intended to do with Raspberry Pi 3B+ but when I tried to procure some, I found that nearly all models of R-Pi are in short supply and unreasonably priced. As I researched options for viable replacements, one board came to the forefront.

I think the Radxa Rock 4 SE is deserving of support. It is one of the newer boards (released in 2022) in the general form factor and function of the R-Pi 3B+, is available at reasonable cost, and poses the best alternative to replace short supply R-Pi 3B+ for many purposes. The challenge is to fully support the hardware, especially the two high speed high power cores and the four lower speed, lower power cores. I think the Radxa Rock 4 C and C+ would also use the same or similar image and provide R-Pi 4 form and fit. I think the 4 C+ is supposed to be form and fit for the R-Pi 4, the 4 C and 4 SE have the processor and memory on the bottom of the board requiring more clearance for heatsinks than regular Pi cases provide.

I have a Rock 4 SE I can test with. I also have a Libre Computer Le Potato as well as R-Pi 3, 3B+ to test with.

The Le Potato is attractive from the standpoint that it will drop into a regular Pi 3 case without modification, but the lack of on-board bluetooth and WiFi is limiting its ability to generally replace R-Pi 3B+.

Let me know if you need my help on the testing team. --Steve–


Greetings! Thanks to everyone who voted here, a new proposal is being made to the RESF board and it is open for community feedback and engagement.