Meet the SBC Testing Rig! SIG/AltArch

The community asked; Rocky Linux listened. Progress is being made to support a wider range of Single Board Computers!

Meet the SBC test rig! From top to bottom in a 52Pi case (with status):
Nvidia Nano (early investigation)
StarFive VisionFive 2 (under active development)
RPi3 (Supported by SIG/AltArch) & RPi0 (under active development)
RPi4 (Supported by SIG/AltArch) & RPi0_2 (Supported by SIG/AltArch)
Libre Tritium (under active development)
Libre La Frite (under active development)
Libre La Potato (under active development)
Libre Renegade (Beta support by SIG/AltArch)
And the bottom four slots? Two Pine64 SBC’s are in transit.
What should fill the bottom two slots? Ameridroid? OrangePi? Something else? Let us know! (or better yet, ping the companies to partner with us!)

Want to help? We are looking for people with various SBC’s. Especially those above but looking for people to help test on Raspberry Pi 2 v1.2 (BCM2837 chipset) and RPi 0 v2’s.

Don’t have one but want one of these SBC’s? Come join us as a Rocky Member! (See the Members section of the FAQ Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation) There’s room for more to work on developing, testing, and engaging with the community to support these SBC’s.


Would you guys interested in few Orange Pi 5 boards from Orange Pi? Orange Pi would love contribute some boards.


Greetings @kprasadvnsi !
Welcome to the forums. Would you be willing to reach out to ? We would LOVE to partner with OrangePi and do what we can to support your SBC’s. That email is the best contact for us internally.
Thank you!


What are the thoughts on the Khadas or Odroid boards? There is also the RockPi boards as well for consideration.

I was curious where you could source a Raspberry Pi 2 v1.2 board from these days and what pricing you were finding for them ($78 USD is the best I could find). The Pi 2 boards I have are v1.1 so they aren’t on your ask list but I can certainly try and test on them if you are interested in feedback.

I’m also interested in how the StarFive board testing is going. I’ve been contemplating getting one and installing Rocky on it so was curious of whether it’s looking good or not.

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Welcome to the forums!

Not familiar with Khadas. Looks like it is something we’d eventually like to support, but we currently don’t have access to any. If you have any contacts there, have them ping us (or ping them over social media to one of our public posts).

RockPi boards are on the early investigation list. There are some concerns about their kernel drivers and it’s too early for us to have a good feel for them right now. If you have one that you wouldn’t mind assisting with some testing, let us know.

The StarFive boards are SUPER EARLY in testing, but we there’s active development going on right now. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a RockPi board yet but I can certainly look at picking up one. In addition to the StarFive board (RISC is starting to look really good these days), I was considering the Orange Pi 5 which has a RK3588S as well. Unless there are duplicates of the ones you are already testing that you need results from. Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

We are working with a few SBC companies and buying boards for members. If you are interested, you can find out more about Rocky Membership in the FAQ section on Members: Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation

Feel free to DM me or contact me on if you want more info.

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I’m interested. I’ve reached out in DM on IRC to discuss in more detail. Look forward to the discussion. :slight_smile:

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Last time i tried installing any red hat based distro on a single board thing, there wasn’t even instructions on how to do it. Fedora had some basic info for raspeberry pi and that was it. I quitted immensly disapointed, frustrated and hopeless.

We hope to change that! Stay tuned. We are making progress! :grinning:

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Put in the new Orange Pi 5 Plus.

With the HDMI in (has also two HDMI out) it can be used to many interesting projects.


+1 for bringing Rocky to all of the Orange Pi 5 boards. I’ve got a lot of projects going with these and would absolutely love it if I could install Rocky onto them.

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