Rocky Linux image for orange pi (5B)


I tried to install ricky linux with specific image but it;s doesn’t work, when i write my sd card with balenaEtcher and connect it on my orange pi, system doesn’t boot on sd card but on mmc storage with default orange pi OS.

I think the problem is with the rasberry pi image.

Are you going to develop an image for orange pi ? or it’s not in rocky linux plan ?

thanks a lot

TL;DR: We plan to develop an image for the Orange Pi 5 SBC. But no guarantees at the moment. We are actively working on it and discovering things as we speak. So, this is very much a work in progress. Some of the folks already have this SBC (and mine should arrive by today or Monday).

I am personally receiving the following SBCs and aim to support them as much as possible:

  • Radxa Rock 5 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (already have it and in my list of SBCs to support)
  • Orange Pi 5 (non-B and non-Pro)

At the moment, some SBCs, like the Radxa Rock 5 Model B are already “supported :tm:” upstream in sources like Linux kernel (v6.4.7) and U-Boot bootloader (v2023.07.02). But, I do not have it in hand yet, to test what works from upstream. Though, based on what I see, it (R5B) should work. But again, no guarantees until we list any other SBC as supported. Your mileage may vary.

More updates will be provided in the AltArch category of Rocky Linux’s forums. I encourage that you use the AltArch category (and not the Infrastructure category) to create topics that are related to SBCs like the Raspberry Pi 4, and others alike.

If you would like to be a part of the conversation where we decide on what to do (and even help testing or even with development!) in supporting the Orange Pi 5 SBC, please be a part of the discussion on Rocky Linux’s Mattermost server, in the SIG/AltArch channel.

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