NVIDIA kernel problem

Hi there!

Yesterday I was testing Rocky and was able to know the solution to the only problem I was having, and today I went for a full “serious” system install.

However, I noticed a new Kernel was added since yesterday. No problem, I thought, from 4.18-20 (or whatever the version is) to 4.18-23, not a big update. Rebooted into the new kernel and all was fine. I then installed the NVIDIA drivers as by this tutorial and noticed it pulling stuff from the 4.18-20 kernel.
After driver installation I rebooted once more, only to then be automatically set to boot 4.18-20. I wouldn’t mind this at all if it wasn’t for me completely losing my audio, it’s as if I don’t have a sound card at all. And if I boot into 4.18-23 I get my audio back but it’s as if I don’t have video drivers installed now (my best guess is that the NVIDIA drivers weren’t built for “4.18-23”).

Can someone with an NVIDIA GPU confirm this? I’d share logs and screenshots but had to get work done so I hopped in another distro for the time being.