Hangs on boot after update

For starters, I know nothing about Linux. I bought a workstation that was supposed to be turn key. After connecting to the internet and update was available. After updating the system now hangs during boot. A black screen is all there is. I can access the virtual terminal, see attached image.

Here is my system:
Core i9-10980XE
32GBx4 DDR4
2x RTX 4070 Ti
Rocky Linux 8 (Came installed)


Does it work if from the grub boot menu that you choose the previous kernel on the list rather than the first one. Try to boot the other kernels instead of 4.18.0-425.19 just in case it’s because the graphics module is not configured/built for the new kernel.


I tried to boot all previous kernels and I get the same response.

You likely need to repeat the driver installation process for a new kernel, which it looks like maybe you were trying: perhaps NVIDIAwhatever is in root’s home directory and you needed to su - and not just su? It is also possible that you need to download a newer driver from NVidia, e.g. with curl or wget (annoying when you can’t copy-paste, but can be done). If it was not you who did the original driver installation, the best thing to do is probably to contact the folks who did.

If it was working before and after an update the driver doesn’t work anymore I would think you installed the driver manually using a run file? The better option is to use the Nvidia driver from the ELrepo repo.

  1. Enable the Elrepo repo which is explained in on the homepage: ELRepo | HomePage
  2. Install nvidia-detect using dnf: ELRepo | nvidia-detect
  3. Run “nvidia-detect” to detect what driver you need.
  4. Install that one that was detected in step 3 and then reboot. Your system should come up again with and the Nvidia driver loaded and next time you update you shouldn’t have that problem.
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Thank you to all that contributed to the discussion. I decided to start with a fresh OS install. I successfully installed NVIDIA driver and CUDA toolkit. The software I use that requires CUDA is working. Woohoo.