Meta+mmc for resizing windows?


I have been using KDE for years and the one feature I am sorely missing as a user is the ability to configure the meta key to resize windows when MMB click+dragging one of the window quadrants.
Is this possible with Gnome?
I’d rather not have to install KDE for just this one feature but it is muscle memory for me and I feel a bit crippled without it.
Any tips on how to get this working?


Can you re-train your muscles to use Alt+F8 to get directly into resize mode without clicking (until you are through)?

Oh, I just realised that this works out of the boxs, I was just using a dodgy mouse :smiley:
But you suggestion is even better (once I remap the awkward hotkey).


I just realised the reason it worked was because of my using my centos home directory. When I use a fresh home dir the middle mouse click+drag to resize does not work.
So I guess I just need to find the gnome settings in my centos dir that are responsible for this.
Sherlock hat on…