KVM switch does not reconnect

I have a kvm to switch between 2 Rocky machines, Mint, windows… The Rocky 9.3 machine is the problem. When I switch from it to any of the others, I cannot reconnect and continue my session. I suspect that I have some setting wrong. The Rocky 8.8 system works flawlessly as do the others. Anyone got an idea?

“Consumer” KVM switches can be pretty hit-or-miss, unfortunately. Some questions/ideas:

  • What brand and model KVM switch is it?
    • Does it use VGA+USB connections, or HDMI+USB etc. ?
    • Have you checked the manufacturer for a possible firmware update?
  • Are you running a GUI/desktop on the Rocky 9.3 machine?
  • When you switch back to the R9.3 machine, is there any kind of display at all?
    • Is the R9.3 machine pingable at this point?
    • Have you tried remotely connecting into the R9.3 machine via ssh at this point?

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R8.8 is vga out (converter to hdmi)

R9.3 is hdmi

I can ssh from R8 to R9 when blank

Generally running gui on R9

R9 requires reboot… Monitor says not connected.