ISO Size does not fit on DVD

The download for the Rocky-8.3-x86_64-dvd1.iso is too large to fit on a regular DVD and even a DL 8.5GB DVD. As it is listed as a “DVD iso” should it not be able to fit on a DVD?

I know many install from USB, etc, but it is listed as a DVD iso.

DVD-10 disks can support up to 9.5GB of data, so you can, just not with a particularly common disk.

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This is in line with the way upstream creates their “DVD” images. The “DVD” name is a bit archaeic and just means installer with a complete local repo. If you need to create an image with more than the minimal image repo that fits on a DVD, there’s a decent tutorial at


Maybe just name it as “Everything” like what does in CentOS 7 instead of that in CentOS 8.

Would it be reasonable to make an option to make it on two 4.3 DVDs? Or…?

I just think about how this could discourage someone from installing/using Rocky Linux. I want to make sure there are no obstacles for someone to use a great distro.

@Gary910, Why do you want to use a DVD in this day and age?
Why don’t you just put the ISO image on a cheap 16GB memory stick?