Cannot get proper download for Rocky ISO files

I have tried MANY time to download an iso file but keep getting the wrong size. I tried with the DVD and Minimal files. Since the files I get are of the wrong size of course they will not pass checksum verification. I have downloaded from both Windows and android with the same results. I successfully download the checksum file. For example, the checksum file states the minimal iso is 1.6+ GB. On all occasions the file I get is 1.5+ GB. The DVD file is over1.5 GB short.

Any suggestions? Is there a compressed (zip) version available. Even with 200+ Mbps internet speed i takes a long time to download :unamused:

If you are having issues with downloading from our main site, you have a couple options:

My bad on the file sizes. I was looking at the file sizes in kilobytes when the checksum file on your site has them in bytes.

However I still get the error message: ISOLINUX 6.04 ETCDisolinux: Image checksum error, sorry…

A friend that also trying to install says the checksums do match.

I am attempting install on Oracle Virtual Bx 7.0

I have tried different mirrors. I have downloaded both the DVD and minimal several times. I am about ready to give up and go another route. I have spent days on this.

I wanted to use Rocky since the CentOs I was using is no longer supported. Rocky seemed to be the closest thing.

Thanks for the response


Just to let you know I finally got Rocky installed. It must be a problem with Virtual Box. I checked the skip unattended mode box and all went well. It could have been coincidence since I did download a new ISO file from index of Rocky 9.2. I verified size and checksum first.

I will now spend my time configuring the environment for my needs.

Thank you for your help.


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Checking skip “Skip unattended Installation” has worked for me for the same ISO that was giving me checksum error. So I assume its a VirtualBox problem.