Interface missing while installing RL 8.4 on VMware Workstation Pro


I tried installing RL 8.4 on VMware Workstation Pro.
Interface missing while installing RL 8.4 on VMware Workstation Pro
There is no option to add the interface while installation.


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There’s already option to do that. just click plus + button at the bottom of you current menu settiong then choose Network Adapter then click finish. See SS below.

You can also create Virtual netwrok interface with Virtual Network Editor in VMware Workstation Pro.

I have done the same,
but not luck


I have centos8 and 7 working fine on the same setup.
But rocky linux is not working.

All the screens shown are for VMware Workstation.

What is happening in Anaconda?

You need to activate the network interface manually if you are using the GUI installer. This is the same as with RHEL. For example see below side-by-side comparison of RHEL and Rocky Linux…

Tried with below two images.

pasting the screen shots here

Iam not getting that option to add the interface

You do not add the interface inside Anaconda you need to create the required virtual network interface(s) to pass into the guest from the VMware Workstation UI on the host.

If you don’t do that the guest (ie. Anaconda in Rocky Linux installer) will not see any network devices to configure.

I don’t have access to a Windows or Linux host with VMware Workstation but I have verified in VMware Fusion (the macOS equivalent) that adding an autodetect network adapater to the guest configuration…

…causes the device to be detected inside the running VM and allows it to be configured…

Assuming your host configuration is correct and there is no firewall blocking outbound traffic you should be able to access hosts on the Internet, including the Rocky download servers and mirrors.

If you do not see an Ethernet device in the Network and Host Name panel in Anaconda you will not be able to complete a network install.