How to install VMplayer on Rocky 8.4

Hello everybody. I love linux and I’m starting in this OS. Now I have one machine with CentOS 7 Mate. In this machine runs VMplayer 15.5.7. I so excited to migrate to Rocky 8.4 Mate, but I’m having difficult to install VMplayer in this OS. ( Sorry about the english… I’m still learning)

I already tried to run:

sudo dnf install elfutils-libelf-devel
sudo dnf install kernel-devel-uname -r

But I can’t run the VMplayer yet.

Hello @Fperuso

did you install rocky 8.4 as fresh install or what
how did you install vmplayer

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hello @JustSomeone,

I installed rocky 8.4 as fresh install. I Choose minimal and standard (software package).

After this I installed the Mate Enviroment
[MATE Desktop Environment - Rocky Linux Documentation]

And then I tryed to install VMware 15.5.7

Thanks and have a good one

thanks for the info @Fperuso

did you tried to change the desktop environment and see if it work or not ?

did you tried to use vmplayer 16.1.2 the latest version ?

by the way according to this page vmware 15.5 is not compatible with centos 8.x but it compatible with rhel 8.x VMware Knowledge Base not sure why

but vmware 16 is compatible with both centos and rhel VMware Knowledge Base

vmplayer has same compatibility same as vmware workstation basked on that link

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks @JustSomeone !

I will make some tests.

I’m excited about Rocky Linux. I hope one day have a little knowledge to contribute with the project.

Have a good day!

you very welcome and good luck :slight_smile:

i have little knowledge also so i do as much as i can and it awesome project

thanks and you too :slight_smile:

if those are not the issue check this one

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Thanks @JustSomeone !

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@Fperuso you welcome :slight_smile: