Rocky Linux and Docker Support

Seems like RHEL is not supporting Docker, but supports Podman. Will Rocky follow suit? Im seeing mixed things online with ROCKY supporting docker, etc. Can someone provide clarity please? Im wanting to build out a Rocky server with docker, but if it wont be supported soon (or stopped already) i wont proceed in that direction.


RHEL does not ship docker. We do not either. Docker may support packaging in their community versions, but it’s not directly supported by Red Hat nor Rocky Linux.

In general you will be recommended to use podman on Rocky Linux, RHEL, CentOS Stream. Docker’s centos stream packages may work on Rocky Linux but we generally do not support it since we do not build nor ship it in our distribution.

Ok thanks. i thought so. I found some old documentation that says it worked on CENTOS so i ASSUMED it MIGHT work on rocky. glad i asked. we all know what ASS-U-ME 'ing can do. Thanks again!!

I think it’s fair to say Rocky and RHEL do not support Docker, however Docker supports RHEL (and thus Rocky). We have a lot of users who happily use Docker on both Rocky 8 and 9, seems to work okay.

However, I would recommend giving podman a try if at all possible. Not only is it a “native” package (supported in Rocky repos with regular updates), but it’s quite compatible for most workloads (even docker-compose files are deployable via podman-compose). Also has other advantages like being daemonless, rootless-by-default, etc.

Good luck to you!


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