Which docker repo should I install

Greetings, I tried to install docker for production, unfortunately I didn’t find “rocky linux”, shall I go with CentOS version or Rhel? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

In Redhat base I think you can use podman, it is already installed in Rocky Linux

Hi, Thank you for taking a time to answer my question. After couple of research, I tried installing centos version and so far it works as it supposed to be. Stay safe & stay health.

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podman search rocky
podman pull docker.io/rockylinux/rockylinux

Hi there,

Thank you for giving a suggestion for me, I have never heard about podman, can’t wait to try it :slight_smile:

You can just dnf install podman-docker and then using ‘docker command’ instead of ‘podman’ :

docker pull 

Red Hat did describe podman when it did release RHEL 8.

IMHO, Docker is a nightmare. It needs daemon. It needs elevated privileges, which is a security issue.

Podman (and singularity) do not run as daemon. They can be run as regular user.

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I don’t know how to express my gratitude for your kindness. To be fair, I haven’t deeply read podman documentation https://docs.podman.io/en/latest/Introduction.html. But I notice, they said

podman <statement>

instead of using docker <command>
So, as far as I understand, podman is just the “better” version of docker with the same application?

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The “better” is always subjective. Podman is compatible; it can use Docker image format, and thus existing Docker repositories and images.

The singularity is different. It has tools to generate singularity images from Docker images (if you are root), but not use Docker images directly.

Hi @jlehtone,
it’s been a while, I have been using podman for almost 2 weeks, and I am loving it! Thank you very much for the insight :wink: