General question about Docker vs. Podman


Back when I ran OpenSUSE Leap on my workstation, I’ve been using Docker for the odd local application testing.

Now I’ve replaced OpenSUSE with Rocky Linux + KDE, I wonder if I should install Docker from some external repository or… if I should go for Podman, which I’ve never used. As far as I understand, Podman is something like Docker-done-right (correct me if I’m wrong).

In a nutshell, I could install Podman and then define a simple alias docker=podman line in my .bashrc? Or are there some differences in behavior to be expected?

Any suggestions ?

podman is supposed to be a dropin replacement for docker, so technically you should be able to do that. I have heard that there are minor differences. Now days you can also use podman-compose instead of docker-compose, I also like podman better because of not needing to run a daemon that allows control of the containers. You can just use systemd to control them and I like the fact that I can run all of my containers rootless, I heard that’s possible with docker too now but I have been using podman since I have been running Rocky 8.


Podman +1

Podman by default can run rootless without having to jump through major hoops like with Docker. Did try to run docker rootless, gave up. Podman all the way now.

I use Podman for building Zimbra OSE/FOSS, that way I don’t need a build VM for all the different distros that I build Zimbra for.