Install Docker container on Rocky Linux 9

Why would you want to use Docker on Rocky when you have Podman available?


can you get docker containers to run on podman? im new to this stuff on the linux side. Coming from windows, VMWare, etc.

Yes. Docker is basically a drop-in replacement for docker.


With one application (eLabFTW) I had some juggling first, but it seems to run fine. It happens to have a script that starts two containers (for SQL and HTTP) and does use “docker compose” for it (a thing I know nothing of). There is about equivalent “podman compose”, but syntax in script had to be adapted. IIRC, there was something with SELinux (but solvable). There definitely was issue with user namespaces – the containers do write data to host disk and uid/gid mapping between host and container was not what the script did expect.

That particular example is probably from the more convoluted end of the spectrum – and still doable.