Cockpit-docker package for Rocky Linux

Hi, I am new with Rocky Linux. I come from using Ubuntu for my server.
I have recently installed Cockpit in Rocky Linux and use NGINX as a reverse proxy, and it worked quite well.
However, I miss the Cockpit-docker package that Cockpit has, that I can found in Ubuntu and Debian.
Did anyone manage to install this package? I do not want to use Podman for now, as I am just learning Docker, and wanted to utilize Cockpit GUI to understand how Docker works.
Thanks in advance.

But the official direction from RHEL is to use Podman and Buildah.

That’s what I heard. But for now, I’m using this just for testing and learning purposes. I love the fact that in Rocky Linux there wasn’t error on Software updates or my network interfaces, it just works. I think with the docker package, it would be great for my current use case.
I supposed, there isn’t any working cockpit-docker package for Rocky?

although Docker and Podman have its differences, podman talks natively docker-api, which would lead you to the same results as with docker. In addition to that, podman also has unique features that are’nt on docker. You can even use docker-compose (when setting right env vars to talk to podman) to run your projects on podman.

You could read some info here: Podman REST API and Docker compatibility

I’ve used docker for many years and switched to podman without any issues, actually I’m in a better position now with podman.