Installing Rocky on Virtual Box

I am trying my hands at Rocky Linux by installing on Virtual Box. Downloaded the ISO from Rocky Linux website. I have set the Linux version ‘Other Linux 64 bit’ I have enough space on Hard Drive. I can see the initial screen after the ISO boots. Both the options “Install Rocky Linux” and the other option “Test Media…” stays black screen with a cursor blinking on the top left corner.

Please see the attached image. Any idea what is going on?

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@fedoracore123 ,
I have successfully installed RockyLinux into an Oracle VirtualBox VM myself.

Anyway, reboot the VM and when you get to that screen, choose from the View menu the option of scaled mode. Then stretch the screen to fill the dimensions you want by dragging the screen around and using the corners to stretch.

Check out the Youtube Channel “LearnRHEL”: (no whitespaces)
and look for this video: Admin@LearnRHEL - Int.006- Install AlmaLinux 8 from Scratch - YouTube

I know the owner of the channel is going to create a video on installing RockyLinux as well. I will suggest they include GUI/video capture of the Oracle VBox provisioning as well.

Let me know if my suggestion helps.


Hello. I have also managed to install on Oracle VM. Then, I was trying to configure the system after the initial reboot. Firstly, I changed the hostname of the system by editing /etc/hostname file, And logged out of the session on the console to be able see the effects (changed hostname). However, it automatically set the hostname to “10” which I really did not give meaning. I could not reproduce the error. However, if anyone comes across the same, or at least please take the similar steps to reproduce this. Thus we can find a way to fix the issue.

@halil to change the hostname of your machine properly you want to do the following, which requires escalated privilege (to root):

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname  your_host_name

Then logout/back in.

Hai, it’s not solve your problem but just info I have successfully installed Rocky Linux in VMWare, maybe you can try install Rocky Linux in VMware or KVM.