Rocky Installation Completed

I have just installed Rocky Linux on a Hyper-V Virtual machine without any problems. The feel and installation were just like CentOS.
I continued to install my opensource software I’ve been using on CentOS. Using YUM, I was able to install Zabbix, IPAM, Graylog and Nextcloud without any problems.
FYI, You guys are awesome thank you.
BTW I bought the shirt, nice. :slight_smile:


Have you tried on Virtual Box. For some reason its not working.

I installed on Oracle VM Virtualbox. In my case it was running properly…

I just installed R8.3 as a guest on a Centos 7.9 hypervisor. Everything went very smoothly. A really great product.

Greg Ennis

IF your host is Windows 10, follow this guide. Resolving issue: Oracle Virtual Box and Windows 10 - Call to WHvSetupPartition failed VERR_NEM_VM_CREATE_FAILED - AMIS, Data Driven Blog - Oracle & Microsoft Azure. You basically have to disable everything remotely related to Hyper-V including Windows Sandbox.