Linux Rocky Setup

Greetings to you members of the forum. I have this problem: when installing the English version of Linux Rocky 8, everything works and it suits me so far, but when I try to go through the entire process of installing the system in Russian, the install button disappears. See screenshots. For testing Linux Rocky 8 I am using the latest version of Virtualbox.

The #2 capture shows that you have not selected the hard drive to install on. That is why the Install button is not available.

The #3 capture is not showing the full screen. Click the dots in the lower right corner, and drag the window to the right to reveal what is being shown.

You do not understand me correctly. I’m not that stupid. I tried and changed the resolution of the host computer, tried different configurations of VirtualBox, tried it on another computer with the Windows 7 Ultimate x64 operating system. And the result is always the same. Try it yourself, you may have a different result.

I do understand you. I tried the install in russian, and the install button did not become active until I had the disk selected and a root password set.

Is this the setup window from installing Linux Rocky on a real computer? Or is it a screenshot from a virtual machine? If this is a virtual machine, which one (Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMWare)? When installing on a real computer and I have no problems, this problem is with the Russian installation of Rocky Linux 8 in the virtual environment VirtualBox. Thank you for helping me and spending your time on me.

The screenshot is from a virtual machine running KVM on an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS machine. I think your install button is being covered up by the virtualbox window. Look for a slider bar near the bottom of the visible screen.

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Works as expected (I do not speak or read Russian) for me in VirtualBox on MacOS.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to help. But I went the other way. I thought why do I need windows and rocky linux on a virtual machine, I’ll just install rocky linux directly on the computer and that’s it. I installed rocky linux on my laptop. Now I immediately have a LAMP for my web development and a workstation with an office and other programs. Rocky Linux is the best, goodbye Windows. God bless America.

In Jan 2020, I ditched Windows and moved to everything to open source. I made a big list of what may (or may not) work, but (two years on) I’m surprised how well everything works.