Install Rocky Linux 8.5 via USB Stick

I downloaded the boot iso image and installed the iso image on a usb stick with Rufus on Windows 10.

  1. How can I check the downloaded image with the checksum with Windows 10?
  2. Is the installation with the boot iso image more up-to-date than downloading the complete DVD ISO?
  3. I installed Rocky Linux as Workstation. I would like to see the messages during the boot process until then Gnome starts. Which configuration is to be made?


  1. You can most likely check using certutil, as this example here: Nutanix Support & Insights
  2. The boot iso does a network install, which means it downloads packages from the internet. This means you will have less, or zero updates to do after installing, then if you use the minimal or DVD ISO’s for example.
  3. You can press the ESC key when the screen is showing I believe, and then it will show all the boot process messages. Not sure if you can set this by default, possibly, but I don’t have a GUI install of Rocky to check/test and give you an answer for it. But maybe someone else will reply and let you know if that is possible.