Minimal or boot?

Hello, It’s nice to be here.

Before I install Rocky in a VM and try it out, I have some general questions.

I down-loaded ‘Rocky-9.0-x86_64-minimal.iso’. There also is ‘Rocky-9.0-x86_64-boot.iso’ but I didn’t know what it was and there was no obvious help. Did I down-load the right one for a live session?

The minimal ISO image technically installs the “minimal” dnf group. Similar to downloading the DVD ISO and selecting just “minimal environment”

The boot ISO installs completely from the internet, where you choose a mirror or a location of the BaseOS repository and choose what you want to install. You’ll typically see the same groups you would with a DVD and installation is done over the internet.

If you want live images, I would start here or here.

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Thank you, Louis. I believe I’ll pass on Rocky.