Tar packge missing from Minimal ISO

probably missing something here, but why is TAR application isn’t part if the Minimal ISO image 9.1 version?
it was part of the 8.x versions
is there another alternative

It seems to be in the Rocky repo so just use dnf to install it. The why it is not in minimal someone else will have to explain.

@ysharon, @jbkt23 is absolutely right: You simply need to use dnf install tar to get the tar package back on your minimal 9 install.

The reason is that this is not included in Redhat 9.x minimal either, and since Rocky strives to be a bug-for-bug copy of RHEL, we keep things the same. RHEL justifies the files included this way:

" Create a minimal installation CD, DVD, or USB flash drive using the Boot ISO image, which contains only the minimum files necessary to boot the system…"

Hope this helps!

One does not need tar for booting the system …

Note how the minimal includes only the core group, while the standard is optional (at least after installation):

$ dnf group info minimal-environment
Environment Group: Minimal Install
 Description: Basic functionality.
 Mandatory Groups:
 Optional Groups:
   Guest Agents

The tar would come with the standard:

$ dnf rq --groupmember tar

thank you for the help.
I’m using the minimal ISO to save installation time and size.
i see the logic here but my systems doesn’t always have access to the internet, and i’m trying to avoid creating my own ISO image.
anyway I’ll try raising an issue on RHEL support

did a quick test.
took the full DVD iso and selected minimal install
and tar got installed.
based on anaconda it’s using the same minimal-enviroment
that’s good enough for me now