Install parallel port

Hello everyone I am new here … is been a honor to be here…
Thank you … I got one question I would like to know How to install a port parallel card and IF I need the drivers, how to configure to print.
Thank you
New in Linux system

Welcome @falcon. Installing a parallel port card is as easy as slapping the card into any free PCIe slot. You likely won’t need additional drivers for the card.

Configuring it will be less straight forward, you’ll need to configure LPD or CUPS, parallel port printers aren’t exactly plug and play.

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Thank you Brian…
Well as I said… I am new in this Linux… could you tell me how to do LPD or CUPS. sorry I don’t know
the commands … If you could I will appreciated …


There’s a few articles that I found from google that help explain how to install cups, etc: rocky cups linux - Google Search

Thank you … awesome I will read all about it …
I appreciated

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Can you/someone update the title, please? :+1:


What do you have in mind
I will do it

The title said “serial”, but it’s been updated now. Thx! :+1:

:ok_hand: Your welcome !! thanks to you !!!

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Must have been the serial killer. :slight_smile:

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Now I am stuck I have Oki Microline 320 can not get to work here is a screen
Screenshot from 2023-05-01 19-36-26

Hello … I want to appreciated all of you … I resolved the issued … I bought the correct parallalel socket and
install the right drivers and works…
Thank you for all your help…
All The Best !!