How is the Rocky install media created?

Where do I find the actual scripts that end up creating the install DVD image (and friends)?

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I just downloaded BalenaEtcher and installed it on my Windows Box and made the USB Key from the ISO file

That’s all good and well, but if one wants to create a custom install media (slimmed down, custom kickstart files) more is needed.

Our ISO’s are created using pungi, which must go to our koji to pull the necessary package set and do the work. You would need to dig into the pungi code to get an idea of what commands are being ran to build the image. There are several commands as part of in pungi, like isohybrid, xorriso, xorrisofs, genisoimage. You will need to work out what to run to make your own custom images.

If you want a live image, you would need the kickstarts that we use (can be found at our git) and point livecd-creator to it.

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