Create a custom image to disable media test

Hello everybody,
I need to create a custom image of my rocky linux , but I need to remove the media check ( enabled by default).
In order to do that I just used xooriso and genisoimage, but I have a problem when I remove the entry ( from the grub menu file into the iso I need to regenerate the grub to get a fully functional iso to boot my server.
Do you have any clue?


When you say ‘genisoimage’ do you mean the one that’s built into xorriso called xorrisofs?

Are you creating the image from your installed system, or from the official bootable rocky iso?

When you remove the entry, what error do you get?


Why not just change the default boot from test media to rocky install?

Regards Tom.

Ok guys,
let me explain better I need to create an ISO image and then mount the image as Virtual-CD including of course a kickstart file.
I tried several combinations of procedure and commands primarily it’s this procedure below

The problem is always the same …
Whatever sequences of commands I’m doing, the system is not regenerating the isolinux.bin and grub.

So do you have some procedure of experience to accomplish this unattended installation?

Those steps are quite old and unnecessary. Just use mkksiso. dnf install lorax and then you’ll have the mkksiso command.

Thanks for replying!
indeed …
I came back to those step because mkksiso is not rebuilding the isolinux and recompile the grub

usage: mkksiso [-h] [-a ADD_PATHS] [-c CMDLINE] [-r ARGS] [–debug] [–no-md5sum] [–ks KICKSTART] [-V VOLID] [KICKSTART] input_iso output_iso

Thanks anyway for the help.

Just a quick update…
I’m still investigating , and I’m observing a small progress…it seems that the switch -V VOLID seems important , I hope that I can sort out with something , then I’ll share my solution in case.
Any suggestion is welcome ofc.
Thanks a lot!

Perhaps I’m not understanding your end goal. What exactly are you trying to achieve? You’re trying to add a kickstart and do what? You say remove the media test, but why does that part matter for your use case?

Thanks a lot for considering the case,
Simply I’m booting from VirtualCD using the DRAC feature , for reasons that I don’t want to explain here we don’t want use PXE boot.
So testing the media drive if you have a number of server to redeploy everyday , it’s time/resource wasting.
That’s why

Long story short…
this is what I’m using to avoid the media test, just adding --rm-args at the end of the mkksiso command , seems working:

mkksiso --ks ks.cfg Rocky.iso Rocky-89.iso -V Rocky-8-9-x86_64-dvd --rm-args

OFC still booting from the option 2 (TEST and INSTALL) since I’m not able to regenerate the isolinux ,menu , grub etc. , but it’s ok for now, instead to use Clonezilla or others artefacts.