How is the community coalescing?

Hey all,

There is a lot happening here! We’ve got conversations going here, in Slack, and in IRC/Matrix.

I’m posting this question here because so far I’ve been most active here and while I’m now in Slack, I still haven’t gotten myself setup with Matrix. I assume I’m not alone in terms of not yet being onboard with every communication service but still taking part in the conversation.

So… can we say there’s a place where decisions are being made, even if in conversational context? Is there yet some sort of directory of where teams are starting to coalesce around a specific forum?

I know I’m not the only one feeling a desire to contribute, having a conversation, and still not quite sure of how things are working.


Hi there, welcome!

The forums here are for durable discussion.

For real-time chat, we’re using Slack, and the various channels there:


Hop in there and dig in to what interests you and where you’d like to help!

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I am no software developer, or super linux guru, but I am a Linux user. I know Samba and mdadm really really well. I am pretty good with a bash prompt and writing scripts, so I will just hop in and help where I can on anything I can.

Hello @synack2 and welcome! You are definitely welcome in the forums. :wink: The above post referencing Slack is very old, and we have since migrated most conversations over to Mattermost which you can find here: Mattermost if you are interested. Thanks! Steve