Open-source social media presence?

I’m glad that we are on IRC and Matrix, but can we also establish a presence on Mastodon and some open-source alternative to Reddit? Perhaps Lemmy or Ruqqus?

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Hey @bmreading! I wanted to connect the dots here. @jorp is currently heading up social and is the right person to weigh in on the creation of new social channels.

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I definitely like this idea, and I could see us eventually supporting something like this after building more of a community.



So as someone that has just started in Linux Universe, this actually bothers me a lot.

Why do we radically split our conversations? Where is the conversation of building Rocky Linux actually happening? In this forum? Slack? IRC? Matrix? I understand the concept of reaching people in different manners but this is why it seems that Linux people can never seem to get anything done and many distros never make it out of the drawing board.

I could be having a conversation with you here that we might think it matter but someone in another channel have already had the conversation and finished the dilemma, decisions were made and you didn’t see it…

Without cohesion and synergy, nothing can be done. So I ask you, where is the conversation happening? Other to I have to join every website on the list?

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I’m not @jorp, but -

I wanted to say I understand the frustration and I think it’s awesome that you’re passionate to the point of getting involved. So to immediately answer your question - most of the action is happening in Slack right now. There are a ton of Rocky-* channels and it’s a “just jump in with your contributions” kind of environment right now. For example I’ve taken on trying to keep the forums up to date, and I just started doing that because I saw a need. My information mainly comes from Slack and GitHub.

The project management, documentation, and communication tools that are essential to creating order are still being established. The project right now is in a place where there are named team leaders who are doing or delegating tasks to build something more stable.

The challenge here is there are literally thousands of people who have shown interest in getting involved and the project is barely a week old. Coordinating that kind of effort is always messy.

If you’re not already, I encourage you to join in on Slack and monitor GitHub. That’s the best place to join in on these early conversations about outreach and platforms.


I am running a diaspora instance. It is aimed to be an alternative for FB. As other federated services it has multiple servers and no tracking crap.
Diaspora is a lot smaller, but I think the audience is quite intersting because many opensource enthusiasts have accounts there. So a possibly large percentage of the diaspora users will be interested in Rockly Linux and Rocky Linux news.
I could volunteer to maintain the diaspora account if needed. (I am also in for maintaining other federated social media accounts.)

@Geodude, right now most of the conversation is taking place on Slack as mentioned above by @jeffrey-a. For synchronous conversation, we’re planning to move away from Slack and start using Mattermost with an IRC bridge. You can read more about this in our recently published community update. The forums here are used to maintain longevity for asynchronous collaboration and conversation.

you can find more information about joining our Mattermost server here.