Slack link for access

Is slack still open to anyone? All the links I have say the link is no longer available.



Sure is! We have a ton of channels for you to join according to your interest. Should be at [LEGACY SLACK] and once there just look at the #rocky channels

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For some reason, going to [LEGACY SLACK] didn’t let me in, so I used this link " which has like an invitation " and that worked for me, I got this one from

None of these work for me.

The invitation link you posted seems to be for a single use. When I hit it, It says the link is no longer valid. The hpcng* links all want me to login with an account at hpcng, which I dont’ currenlty have. I feel like I’m missing something simple …

I tried to enter through my own matrix server (with bridge) but hit the same user/pass wall

I just ran a test and it didn’t work, you are right. can you join Matrix for the moment till this gets sorted?

I can only join the general Rocky room, rocky-infra and rocky-www rooms. The other rooms give me a “Failed to join room No known servers”
Is this a Matrix federation issue?

It will be updated as soon as a permanent invite is created by an admin

seems like slack has no way of having permanent links as far as I understood , but here is another invitation:

Thank you good sir. Here was I wondering all the time if too stupid to join a Slack workspace :rofl:

Just to be clear for anyone new reading this and having issues finding a working invite link - our Slack invite links keep getting “used up”. A more robust solution is being worked on!

Thank you!
Glad to know it’s not me. :smiley:

Is there a reason the community converged on Slack as the primary communication solution and a link to it featuring so prominently on the landing page?

What’s the plan for the existing IRC and email options? (I understand mailing list capability is building out now) as both these alternatives are open standards based and proven to be effective for other similar projects?

Do we have a migration strategy for the content in Slack?

I’d rather see a more prominent place for Matrix/Element. It would mean a single app to virtually reach any platform. (bridged to IRC, Jitsi-Meet, Slack, etc…)

A Matrix/IRC bridge is underway (if not completed?) and I believe I saw a screenshot from someone on infrastructure of a test bridge for all three. So these issues are being considered :slight_smile:

I’m not authoritative on this, however.

All these things are important, but right now the focus is on getting functional to build something worthwhile. There will almost certainly be some clean-up after the initial dust has settled :slight_smile:

Same question - how to get an invite link?

NOTE: We’ve officially moved to Mattermost, please see this post for more details.