Dark / High contrast theme for sight impaired

I have a client that needs a high contrast like theme for the whole system. Is this possible with the default gnome desktop? I did see the ‘High Contrast’ option in gnome but is there anything else available? For those here that are sight impaired what do you use?

Also, I have orca running on rocky for him. Any tips from others running orca would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance, :slight_smile:

I reviewd Windows 10 when Windows 7 became end-of-life, and also RHEL8 desktop using Gnome. Windows 10 was terrible for accessibility and still is. In contrast, I found the RHEL8 and Gnome 3.0 worked perfectly out-of-the-box. I didn’t even need the extra features, but there’s an item in Settings called “Universal Access”, and it has some interesting options.

Hello Gerry666uk,

Yes, I also found information on installing themes in gnome. So, I think I am on my way. I have to say I am not a big fan of gnome. However, It seems that Orca is geared towards gnome. My client was using KDE.

I did a test install on an Acer laptop I had laying around. Things work fine on it. The only thing is learning some key combo’s in orca to get things to work.

Do you use orca?

I don’t use ‘orca’; in my case I’m trying to get big clear text, which works perfectly in RHEL and Rocky. I have Rocky set up next to Windows 10 using the same hardware and monitors, and Windows 10 looks poor. I aksed the Windows guys why, but they weren’t interested. It’s worth noting that when I say I’m using Gnome, I mean I’m using Gnome “classic” with Wayland, as oppsed to the abomination they push as default.