Friendly Desktop ISO - Looking for feedback

I’m working on a live desktop Rocky spin I wanted to start sharing with everyone.

My idea is simple: put together a Rocky desktop ISO that is as useful as possible out of the box. Tweak settings, include drivers, pre-install useful things, anything to make it easier and friendlier to new (and experienced) desktop users. Feel free to download and give it a whirl:

You can see more in the readme, but all kinds of things should automatically work that might not in a default Rocky desktop. Nvidia drivers and the upstream 6.1 kernel are present, for starters. That alone fixes an awful lot of desktop/laptop hardware issues I see posts about.

Hit me up with feedback - I’m especially interested in anyone who has had issues with Rocky/Enterprise Linux desktop use in the past. Try this ISO, and let me know if it improves anything for you! It’s a live environment, so there’s no need to install anything.

This might be more appropriate as a Desktop SIG oriented post, discussion could move in the future.


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