Compatible SATA controller cards

I’m trying to install the OS on an older PC, however the install fails because no drives are detected.
The problem stems from the lack of support for my current SATA contrallers.
So now I’m looking for a PCI/ePCI SATA controller with a chipset that is compatible.

Before that, can you run lspci -nn?
(The installer does have virtual console and the installer can be started in rescue mode that definitely has console.)

The output of that lspci contains device ID’s. The ID of your SATA controller is of interest.
ELRepo has drivers for devices that EL8 does not support. Is the ID in ELRepo | DeviceIDs ?
If it is, is there DUD in ELRepo? See The ELRepo Blog: RHEL 8.0 and support for removed adapters

Driver update disk is how I did install EL8 on machine, whose controller had no support.

I’ve already tried to find a compatible driver on ELRepo, but alas they don;t have a driver either, they did have one for the PATA controller and I suppose I could just use and IDE drive, but if that fiails trying to find IDE drives is a whole other issue so I’d rather get a compatible SATA controller.

Have you checked the settings of your PC’s BIOS? Many Controllers can be set to different settings, like AHCI/RAID or IDE mode (or something similar) from within the BIOS. Try those other settings. The simple IDE mode settings is pretty generic & should work with practically all Controllers. AHCI should usually also work, while RAID can often cause problems. Remember that those systems that can be set that way usually only use FakeRAID controllers, which have a terrible performance & are unreliable, while Linux Software RAID is often even better than Real RAID controllers…

Yup done all that. The problem is that RedHat in their infinite wisdom dropped support for the sata controllers that are on the motherbods that I have. What I want to find is a reliable source for a pcie card that I can install that is either generically recognized or is one of the ones the ELRepo had a driver for.