Collectd on Rocky 8?

We normally put collectd on our devices to monitor CPU, hard drive space, etc. In CentOS/RHEL it exists in the epel repo. I cannot find it anywhere in Rocky 8 repo’s. Am I missing it somewhere?

Rocky is exactly like CentOS. collectd can be installed from EPEL.

dnf install epel-release
dnf install collectd

EPEL has collectd 5.9. CentOS Operational Tooling SIG had collectd 5.11, but they apparently build for CentOS Stream 8, not for RHEL 8.

The RHEL way of doing this was previously to use ‘sar’ and more recently ‘pcp’; performacne co-pilot, which is in ‘appstream’ repo.

Neither of which could compare with collectd…

Yes we are all set up to parse collectd data. I had a problem with installing the EPEL repo which is why I didn’t see it. Thanks all.

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